Svs pb12 nsd vs rythmik

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Ask an SVS Sound Expert. Have a question or need assistance placing your order? The SVS Sound Experts are standing by to help. Just call 1.877.626.5623 from Mon.-Fri. 9AM-9PM EST,Saturdays from 12PM-6PM, and Sundays from 12PM-4PM. You can also email us your question by filling out the form below, or live chat with us during the above hours. The SVS SB12-NSD is an affordable 400watt sealed powered subwoofer with a 12” aluminum cone driver in a tiny sealed cabinet to produce satisfying and exceptionally well rounded bass. Small but potent.

I was looking to buy SVS SB 12. But now I find a newer version priced little above it – SVS SB 2000. What is the major difference between these models practically? I have a living area of 5m * 8m, Which one would sound better? Any other sub woofers in comparision at this cost? The rythmik sub supposedly goes lower than the SVS one (14hz vs 21hz) while the direct-servo technology seems appealing too. I had a chance to hear the SVS SB12 but not the rythmik so I'm not really sure what the difference (if any) is.

Alegere subwoofer SVS: PB-1000 vs SB-1000 vs SB12-NSD vs SB-2000 - Pentru mine ma interesa, stiu ca nu avea loc, mai ales ca sunt...Page 2 of 3 - Be the first to review SVS PB12 Plus Black Oak 12-inch 800 Watt Powered Subwoofer .,THE SVS PB12-Plus DSP is a self-powered front-loaded vented subwoofer featuring a proprietary 12 I see that it is no longer in cherry finish but black oak looks ,PB12-Plus vs. PB13-Ultra DSP. SVS manufactures the PB12-Plus and Both the PB13-Ultra and the PB12 ... Aug 30, 2013 · SVS describes the SB12-NSD as a compact subwoofer and compared to some of its lineup it almost certainly is, but at the same time this is still comfortably larger than many other mid-price offerings. And while it’s a sealed design, the SB12-NSD doesn’t make use of a passive radiator for additional cone area. Home Theater Gear - Axiom EP350 v3 vs SVS PB12-NSD vs Elemental Designs A2 - 300 - Opinions? Looking for a sub around $500. Thanks.